Statement from the UNFICYP Spokesperson on COVID-19

21 Mar 2020

Statement from the UNFICYP Spokesperson on COVID-19

UNFICYP is continuing its operations at this time; our peacekeepers maintain their patrols in the buffer zone and remain engaged with both sides

The mission has stepped up measures to protect our peacekeepers, ensure continuity of UN operations in Cyprus and prevent the potential spread of COVID-19

With respect to our uniformed peacekeepers, all new personnel will undergo a 14-day period of isolation prior to the commencement of their duties with the mission

Civilian staff have been instructed to telecommute wherever possible to minimize the potential spread of the virus

The mission continues to follow the advice and guidance provided by the WHO, UN headquarters and the local authorities.

UNFICYP is also making every effort to ensure that necessary humanitarian deliveries to affected individuals living in the north continue.

Furthermore, the mission is also working with both sides to ensure that medical emergencies are facilitated to the extent possible within these difficult times

We continue to be in close contact with the sides, facilitating the exchange of information as the situation evolves.

UNFICYP and the entire UN presence in Cyprus are in full solidarity with all Cypriots and affected persons on the island and stand ready to assist to the best of our capabilities.