Procurement at UNFICYP is carried out by the Procurement Section (PS).

The mission of the Procurement Section (PS) is to provide high quality support in response to the needs of the substantive activities performed by UNFICYP, Good Offices and the Committee of Missing persons (CMP). PS has the overall responsibility for the purchase, rental and sale of goods, services, works and other requirements of the Mission.

Overview of Our Activity

UNFICYP procures requisite commodities through competitive solicitations from qualified vendors. Depending on the complexity of a requirement and the value of the commodity to be procured, the solicitation is issued as a Request for Proposal (RFP), an Invitation to Bid (ITB) or as a Request for Quotation (RFQ).

•RFPs are issued when the requirements are not specific and price may be only one of other considerations in awarding the contract;

•ITBs are issued when the requirement is specific and evaluation of offers is based on price and other price-related factors;

•RFQs are issued for low-value procurement normally where the requirement is specific and evaluation of offers is based on the price and other price-related factors.

As a general practice most requirements for US$ 40,000 or more are procured through either an RFP or ITB.

Requirements for goods and services

Information on future requirements and recent ITBs and RFPs issued by the Procurement Section is posted on this site.

Acquisition Plan

The Acquisition Plan is a projection of requirements for UNFICYP:

Quantity/Term, Estimated Value and Estimated Quarter are approximate indicators only. Factors such as availability, project increase or decrease may impact the actual requirement.

It is possible download the latest acquisition plan at the following link: Acquisition Plan - UN Procurement Division