Other Key Units

Military Observer Liaison Officers

UNFICYP currently has about twenty-eight Military Observer Liaison Officers (MOLOs) and Sector Civilian And Military Liaison Officers (SCAMLO) serving across all three sectors.
MOLOs are not just UN Observers, as they are involved at all levels across the Force in daily negotiations and liaison functions with both opposing forces (OPFOR).
The MOLOs form the backbone of the way UNFICYP deals with the OPFOR, be it at Regimental level in the sectors or at the highest levels in the Headquarters in the pursuance of conflict resolution, improved communications and confidence building.
The OPFOR continue to accept MOLOs, although UNFICYP does not yet have unrestricted access to OPFOR Regimental Headquarters.
SCAMLO are the part of the Sector Civil Affairs Teams, whose main role is support the Civil Affairs Branch to provide humanitarian aid to communities left behind, return the BZ as far as possible to normal conditions, and support all bi-communal events.
A detailed, modular training programme has been developed and is run by the Mission Training Cell to prepare MOLOs and SCAMLO in the mediation and negotiation skills their role requires.

The Mobile Force Reserve (MFR)

The MFR consists of Argentinean, British, Hungarian and Slovakian peacekeepers.  Formed in 1997 at UNFICYP from the previous Permanent Force Reserve, it provides the Force Commander with a flexible and well-equipped response to any situation that may arise inside the buffer zone.  The MFR provides support wherever necessary to other military elements of UNFICYP, using its fleet of Tactica Armoured Personnel Carriers.

A multi-national unit, the MFR is a mix of customs and cultures, where the four different nationalities work together.

The MFR is also responsible for the security of the United Nations Protected Area (UNPA) at the Old Nicosia International Airport, where UNFICYP Headquarters are situated.

Troop Contributing Country

Troop count*                             

Argentina 33
United Kingdom 55
Slovakia 10
Hungary 9
Total 107


UN Flight has three helicopters, with two in operation at all times.  The unit is based at UNFICYP headquarters and staffed by 28 personnel from the Argentinean contingent.  Using Hughes 500 and a Bell 212 helicopters, the unit conducts patrols along the buffer zone and provides logistical support for UNFICYP operations and emergency assistance such as medical evacuations as required.

The Argentinean UN Flight peacekeepers regularly demonstrate the skill and flexibility that are derived from working back home in wide-ranging and difficult terrain, such as Antarctica and the Patagonia region. 

Troop Contributing Country Troop count*                            
Argentina 27

UN Force Military Police Unit (FMPU)

The FMPU is a multi-national organisation with personnel from the UK, Hungary, Slovakia and Argentina.

The FMPU remit is to provide protection against crime, enforce military regulations such as traffic control and general military law, and to provide policing advice and investigative assistance to scenes of crime occurring within the buffer zone. 

The principal objective of the unit is to deter rather than detect.  The FMPU is based alongside UNFICYP Headquarters on the UNPA and has an island-wide responsibility on policing matters where UNFICYP military personnel are concerned.

Troop Contributing Country Troop count*                        
United Kingdom 8
Argentina 6
Slovakia 7
Hungary 5
Total 26

Force Engineers

Engineering support to UNFICYP is provided by the Supply Chain Management and Service Delivery (SCM&SD) and consists of the Chief Engineer (CE), the Force Engineer (FE), the Force Engineer HQ Unit, Support Services Workshop Units (SSWU), and Engineering Elements from each contingent.
External support agencies include the Public Works Department (PWD) and the Electrical Mechanical Services (EMS) provided by the Republic of Cyprus.
Engineers are essential part of the UNFICYP mission with the main role to construct, maintain and repair all facilities under UN responsibility. It means repair and maintain patrol tracks helicopter landing sites, camps, observation posts and patrol base facilities.

Troop Contributing Country Troop count*                      
   Slovakia 37

*As of 30 September 2016.