Sector One troops receive medals in recognition of service

7 Feb 2017

Sector One troops receive medals in recognition of service

7 February 2017 - Following UNFICYP’s Winter Medal Parade on 2 February, it’s time for the Sectors to hold their medal parades. First up was Argentina-led Sector One, which held its parade at its headquarters in Camp San Martin on 7 February. Outgoing troops from Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Paraguay received medals in recognition of their professional service during their tenure with UNFICYP.

The Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Cyprus and Head of Mission, Ms. Elizabeth Spehar, and Force Commander Major General Mohammad Humayun Kabir presented medals to Sector One’s peacekeepers.

“In this 23rd year of Argentinean peacekeeping in Cyprus – together with South American colleagues from Brazil, Chile and Paraguay – there is no greater evidence of your commitment to peace than to see the men and women blue berets of Sector One lined up on the parade ground today.” SRSG Spehar said.

Having held the responsibility of this Sector since 1993, Argentina has established itself as one of United Nations Peacekeeping’s most valued contributors. I am consistently impressed by its commitment to peacekeeping operations, which will remain highly relevant in the UN, given the complex and evolving political and security dynamics the world is facing and the role that the world body is continuously asked to play in response to such challenges,” she added.