UNFICYP troops tussle for victory in Military Skills Competition

1 Jun 2017

UNFICYP troops tussle for victory in Military Skills Competition

NICOSIA, 1 June 2017 – The annual summer edition of the UNFICYP Military Skills Competition, one of the highlights of the military component’s calendar, took place at the United Nations Protected Area on 31 May 2017. The exciting event pits the mission’s sectors against each other in a variety of disciplines that put their military skills to the test. 

UNFICYP Force Commander Major General Mohammad Humayun Kabir’s early morning horn kicked off the day’s events, which were also attended by Head of Mission, Ms. Elizabeth Spehar, and Chief of Staff, Col. Tim Wildish. The first discipline, the endurance run, entailed running while carrying 12kg in weight, with contestants also carrying a log for part of the route. Two teams from each Sector and two additional HQ teams from the Mobile Force Reserve (MFR) and the Force Military Police Unit (FMPU) competed in nine disciplines. 

The first three disciplines – the endurance run, UN knowledge and the assault course – were done by teams together; the teams then rotated between the next four stages: cross-country driving, range, incident reaction, command task and map reading and opposing forces recognition. 

At the end of the gruelling challenges, all the teams cooled down with an aquatic assault course in the UN swimming pool. At the conclusion of the event, the Force Commander presented the challenge trophy to the winning Sector 2 team; teams Sector 1A and Sector 1B came second and third respectively. It was a tight competition, with the teams that placed between fourth and sixth place gaining an equal number of final points. 

General Humayun thanked the training cell for yet another highly organised and thrilling Military Skills Competition.