UNFICYP Sector Four Medal Parade

16 Feb 2016

UNFICYP Sector Four Medal Parade

The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General in Cyprus, Ms. Lisa Buttenheim, on 16 February awarded troops from UNFICYP’s Sector 4 on 16 February with UN medals for their work in Cyprus.

In a ceremony that took place in Famagusta, Ms. Buttenheim extended her warmest thanks to the troop-contributing countries of Sector 4 – the Slovak Republic, Hungary, Serbia and the Ukraine – for working together so effectively given the diversity of their backgrounds and military cultures. She specifically thanked Sector Four Commander Lt. Colonel Miroslav Belansky for leading his troops so ably.

She quoted UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who noted recently that by pre-empting and responding in a timely and efficient manner to civilian, law and order and military issues that arise on a daily basis in and around the buffer zone, UNFICYP helps to prevent political or military tension that could otherwise undermine the efforts of the two leaders. 

“The men and women before you have shown dedication and vigilance in effectively implementing the United Nations’ mandate on the island,” she said. “I wish to thank each one of them for their invaluable contribution to our work in Cyprus. Again, I congratulate you and thank you all for a job well done.”