UNFICYP Force Commander conducts inspections of sectors, units

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17 Jul 2017

UNFICYP Force Commander conducts inspections of sectors, units

17 July 2017 – Between mid-June and the first week of July, UNFICYP Force Commander Major General Mohammad Humayun Kabir conducted an operational evaluation of all the mission’s sectors and troops.

General Humayun’s evaluations started with an in-barracks inspection conducted by the relevant units within UNFICYP HQ, followed by field exercises that tested the response of the units and sectors to various scenarios and their adherence to standard operating procedures. The evaluation primarily ensures the expected standards are being upheld throughout the mission; a secondary purpose is to highlight areas of “best practice” that can be shared with the rest of the Force.

The exercises themselves were overseen by the Force Commander and monitored by the Mission Training Cell in order to identify any shortcomings. 

At the end of this round of inspections, General Humayun expressed his appreciation for the high level of professionalism shown by all members of the mission’s military pillar.