UNFICYP bids farewell to Gregory Koupparis after 40 years of service for peace

4 Jul 2021

UNFICYP bids farewell to Gregory Koupparis after 40 years of service for peace

In June, UNFICYP paid farewell to one of its long standing and professional staff. Gregory Koupparis, the Head of Mission’s driver, has retired after serving for 40 years in Cyprus.

Gregory joined the Mission in April 1981 as a lifeguard for two years to then move on to the pest control position and finally to the transport section, where he found himself in the organization and was happy to stay for the rest of his career.

Known by everyone as “Greg”, Gregory was one of the most famous drivers of the many United Nations’ Special Representatives of the Secretary-General (SRSG) who served in Cyprus. For the past 25 years of his professional experience, he worked closely with nine SRSGs, with all of them expressing their gratitude and thanks to the always smiling colleague, who is well-known for his good moral and work ethics.

On his farewell, his supervisor, Michael Larkin stated: “Greg will be always remembered for his VIP driving, good recollection of people’s names — that is the measure of Greg’s working life, but of course there is much more to Greg than that: A very popular man in the section and absolutely loved by his colleagues.”

Gregory has shown his thanks and gratitude to all team members and colleagues with whom he has interacted with in his tenure. “At UNFICYP I was not only part of a team, but part of a family and here was a space where I learned many things, and this passion for learning will never cease to grow,” said Gregory looking backward at his many years of experience in the Mission and forward to the future where he will spend with his family.