Teaching for Peace around Famagusta

4 Dec 2019

Teaching for Peace around Famagusta

Yeniboğaziçi Kadınlar Derneği (YEKAD) or the Ayios Seryios Women’s Association, led by a dynamic management board of which Fikirye Hürses and Münevver Kılıç are core members, is one of the oldest women’s groups in the Turkish Cypriot community.

Established in 1979, YEKAD has been actively providing skill-building opportunities for women through cultural and educational activities.

Ms. Kılıç, a housewife and accomplished cook, and Ms. Hürses, a respected educationist, bring their individual skillsets to the group.

“I always associated creativity, both within the kitchen and in handicrafts, with genuine love, and I wanted to share my abilities with other women so that they feel empowered, says Ms. Kılıç.

“As a former headmistress, I was always involved with building capacities and teaching young minds. This was a challenging job and I had to find many creative ways to explain our shared history with Greek Cypriots to my young students. When I retired, I wanted to continue giving back to my community. There seemed no better way to do this than be an integral part of the work YEKAD does,” states Ms. Hürses.

Both women believe women and children in any society need the maximum support and educational as well as economic opportunities for a country to achieve its maximum potential