Spreading a Culture of Peace in Famagusta

4 Dec 2019

Spreading a Culture of Peace in Famagusta

Mağusa Kültür Derneği (MKD) or the Famagusta Cultural Association was established in 1992 and has since then used its best efforts to supporting women, youth and children in the Famagusta region of Cyprus.

“We do this by bringing women, youth and children together around activities that are entertaining, skill-building and rooted in our common Cypriot culture,” says Ms. Sevim Kayalp, a core member of the Association.

“As a child, I participated in almost every activity organised by the Association and found it to be one of the most enriching experiences of my life. I, therefore, took a conscious decision to become a part of it and pass on the immense skills that the Association honed in me,” adds Ms.Hande Cumaoğulları.

For her part, another key member of the Association, Ms. Dudu Kılınç  believes that the work of the Association plays a valuable role in inculcating a culture of peace and creativity among young people as well as empowers women to have a voice in local events and occurrences that impact them.

Not a single Cypriot, especially women and children, living in this region has been untouched in some way by the divide that exists between us. I hope, through our work, we can be agents of positive change and unity,” she stated.