Sector 1A emerges victorious in UNFICYP’s Winter Military Skills Competition

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9 Dec 2017

Sector 1A emerges victorious in UNFICYP’s Winter Military Skills Competition

NICOSIA, 6 December 2017 – At the crack of dawn on 6 December 2017, some of UNFICYP’s most athletic troops braved the early morning chill to compete in the winter edition of the Mission’s Military Skills Competition. The events kicked off with the Chief of Staff, Col. Tim Wildish, blowing a horn – a competition tradition – to start the first discipline, the Endurance Run.

Two teams from Sector 1 and Sector 2, one from Sector 4, one from the Mobile Force Reserve (MFR) and one from the Force Military Police Unit (FMPU) participated in eight disciplines altogether, which tested the basic military skills required during their deployment in Cyprus. 

The Endurance Run was followed by other disciplines, including UN Knowledge, Assault Course, Range, Map Reading and OPFOR Recognition, Driving, Incident Reaction and finally, Command Task.

Each team consisted of eight members; although each team should include at least one woman, this year not all teams were able to meet this requirement. 

“We were struggling for females this winter,” said Lt. Col. Lucas Fillipi, Chief of the Military Training Cell. He encouraged all contingents to ensure more women were included in future competitions.

At the end of a punishing day of exertion, Sector 1A team emerged victorious, taking home the rotating trophy. The MFR team came in second, followed by Sector 2B in third place.

At a prize giving ceremony closing the competition, Force Commander Maj. Gen. Mohammad Humayun Kabir and Col. Wildish both praised participants for the effort they put into the event, with special thanks going to the Military Training Cell for the well-organized contest.