Ninth anniversary of UNPOL officers from Slovakia in UNFICYP

10 Mar 2022

Ninth anniversary of UNPOL officers from Slovakia in UNFICYP

Today UNFICYP marks the ninth anniversary of the United Nations Police (UNPOL) officers from Slovakia deployed with the peacekeeping mission in Cyprus.

Speaking at a ceremony held in the United Nations Protected Area, UNFICYP’s Senior Police Adviser, Assistant Police Commissioner Satu Koivu from Finland said: “I am proud to say that your strong commitment to the UNPOL work and UNFICYP’s mandate in Cyprus has proven invaluable since your first deployment in Cyprus 9 years ago. Slovakian UNPOL officers are highly educated and extremely competent police officers. All of you show your competence through your daily work across the buffer zone. I thank you for being ready to support and advice your colleagues from other components, working together is vital for the effectiveness of our mission. You can be proud of your service under the flag of the United Nations. Thank you.”

In addition, the Contingent Commander of Slovakian UNPOL officers, Alena Kvintova highlighted the important role of the Slovakian police officers in the mission.

She said: “I’ m very proud to serve with all of you here, dear colleagues. We have represented our country with professionalism, dedication and enthusiasm.”

UNPOL has been part of UNFICYP since 1964. It works in collaboration with UNFICYP’s Military, and Civil Affairs components to maximize collaboration on all aspects of the Mission’s mandate. More specifically, UNPOL contributes to the maintenance and restoration of law and order in the buffer zone and cooperates with UNFICYP’s military and the Civil Affairs components concerning civilian activity in the buffer zone and humanitarian matters. The Slovak contingent was first deployed in 2013 with only one female and one male officer, today there are four female and three male Slovakian officers serving in the mission.