Mufti of Cyprus, Dr Talip Atalay prays at Hala Sultan Tekke with 1000 faithful

23 Dec 2015

Mufti of Cyprus, Dr Talip Atalay prays at Hala Sultan Tekke with 1000 faithful

The Mufti of Cyprus, Dr Talip Atalay prayed at Hala Sultan Tekke on 23rd December 2015 together with 1000 faithful during a special pilgrimage on the occasion of the Mawlid ul Nabi / Mevlid, celebrating the birth of Prophet Muhammad.

On this occasion the Mufti sent best wishes for Christmas to all Christians in Cyprus. He underlined the theme he has chosen for this year’s celebration “Prophet
Muhammad and the Ethics of Coexistence” highlighting the Prophet’s teachings for respect and coexistence. Referring to the Charter of Medina (Mithaq al- Madinah of 622) the Mufti talked of the duty of Muslims to live peacefully side by side with people of all faiths, races, tribes and ethnic backgrounds.

Mufti Dr Atalay acknowledged the significant role of the dialogue for human rights and peace with the religious leaders of Cyprus and expressed his appreciation to all of them including the Swedish government for their critical role and support in this regard as well as all other key actors. He thanked Archbishop Chrysostomos II for his full support to these special pilgrimages, UNFICYP and the Office of RTCYPP for their assistance and everyone involved for the realization of this pilgrimage.

He reiterated his conviction that religious leaders should use language of religion that is language of love and respect not of hate and exclusion. He went on to say that political language should be left to the politicians instead with their words and practice religious leaders should assist the efforts of the political leadership for peace and coexistence in Cyprus and always promote a vision of cooperation not only in the island but everywhere in the world. “The fact that we are cooperating together in Cyprus is a sign of hope” said the Mufti. “We should take the positive examples of our past to build on the future.”

Peter Weiderud, moderator of the Religious Track of the Cyprus Peace Process under the Auspices of the Embassy of Sweden (RTCYPP) brought greetings of peace and best wishes to the Mufti and all Muslim faithful in Cyprus from the Christian religious leaders of Cyprus as well as the Office of the RTCYPP.

The pilgrimage is part of an agreement brokered by the RTCYPP, facilitated by UNFICYP and it is the fifth of its kind since 2014.