Mobile Force Reserve peacekeepers awarded for their service

18 Sep 2020

Mobile Force Reserve peacekeepers awarded for their service

Today, sixty-seven UNFICYP peacekeepers from the Mobile Force Reserve (MFR) Unit were awarded medals for their contributions to peace in Cyprus. The medals were presented by the Force Commander, Major General Cheryl Pearce. 

The MFR was formed in 1997 and is UNFICYP’s primary reserve, which provides the Force Commander with a flexible and well-equipped force, able to respond to any situation that may arise in the buffer zone.

The MFR is held at high-readiness and trained in a variety of tasks from public order to incident response. They can provide support to Sectors and other elements of UNFICYP, including routine tasks such as patrolling. The Unit is based in the United Nations Protected Area at the Old Nicosia International Airport, where UNFICYP Headquarters are located, the MFR conducts security patrols and provides a 24/7 ambulance capability.

The peacekeepers who were awarded medals are Army Reservists from the United Kingdom. The MFR is UNFICYP’s primary reserve force, based in Blue Beret Camp. They are held at high readiness to deploy anywhere across the 180km buffer zone in response to incidents or in support of Sectors.