Fresh training for new military observer & liaison officers

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26 Sep 2017

Fresh training for new military observer & liaison officers

NICOSIA 26 September 2017 - As UNFICYP’s sectors and units undergo regular rotation, thorough training for incoming Military Observer and Liaison Officers (MOLO) and Sector Civil Affairs and Military Liaison Officers (SCAMLO) is critical to establishing and maintaining good relationships with their counterparts on the island, which in turn allows them to address any arising issues at the lowest level and using peaceful means. 

UNFICYP’s latest MOLO/SCAMLO training course took place at the UN Protected Area between 19 and 21 September. The aim of the course was to make the new officers aware of the political, operational and legal framework in which they will operate, to familiarize them with their daily duties and to provide guidance on how to resolve possible issues to de-escalate potentially difficult situations in the most suitable manner. 

The course includes practical scenarios as well as theoretical lessons. The aim of this exercise was to give the officers practice in responding to incidents they may encounter during their UNFICYP tour. It included simulation exercises featuring officers taking on roles as police, hunters, military forces, UNPOL, etc... 
All officers successfully accomplished the course and received their certificates from the Force Commander, Major General Mohammad Humayun Kabir, at UNFICYP HQ on 21 September; the Force Commander expressed his appreciation for the excellent work the course organizers had done. 

Many thanks to HQ Liaison officers Lt. Col. Andreas Duerr and Lt. Col. Andrej Cucvara, who, supported by the MOLOs and SCAMLOs from the Sectors, executed an excellent course.