Fresh faces as UN Flight completes scheduled rotation

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30 Oct 2017

Fresh faces as UN Flight completes scheduled rotation

NICOSIA, 30 October 2017 - Over the month of October, UNFICYP’s flight unit – UN Flight - underwent its scheduled rotation, with nine pilots and technicians completing their mission and returning to Argentina.

In turn, nine officers have joined UN Flight, most of whom have previously been deployed with UNFICYP and quickly took up the daily activities of the unit.

Some of the activities of the unit include aerial reconnaissance activities with Mobile Force Reserve staff and each of the sectors in which the buffer zone is divided, aero medical evacuation exercises with Medical Centre staff, as well as new capabilities such as air cargo transfer.

Aerial photography missions are carried out by each sector of the buffer zone in order to ensure regularly updated images of all the areas of interest of UNCIFYP.
In addition, the unit conducts night flights, which allow the crews to act quickly in response to each sector’s needs.

UN Flight is currently under the command of Lt Col Hugo Alvarez of the Argentinian Air Force.