The Blue Beret magazine is UNFICYP’s flagship publication. It began its life as a weekly in-house newsletter in April 1964, and is well-known by military, police and civilian peacekeepers who have served with the Mission over the decades.

Like UNFICYP itself, the Blue Beret marked its 50th anniversary in 2014. On that occasion, UNFICYP created a digital archive of this iconic publication that has served the UN peacekeepers of Cyprus for five decades:
UNFICYP has issued over 1,000 separate editions of the Blue Beret, and the magazine has undergone several facelifts and editorial evolutions. Now, in 2015, UNFICYP is carrying on the digital revolution, with yet another facelift: a refocused, digital design in shorter subject-specific format that allows us to bring you the Blue Beret as events happen here in Cyprus. The Magazine in its new design will continue to bring you the news, and to provide an important platform for reinforcing United Nations priorities such as women in peacekeeping, mine awareness and sustainability. For troops and police serving with the UN for the first time, it is a window onto the UN values that shape the Organization’s deep commitment to peacekeeping.
Contributions continue to be welcomed from all UNFICYP personnel, and we encourage you to keep an eye out for the latest dispatches here on our website and via our social media sites: