Vendor Registration

Thank you for your interest in registering in the UNFICYP Procurement Section Supplier Database. To be considered for registration, it is important that potential suppliers provide correct information. 

In order to be considered for registration by UNFICYP Procurement Section, please review the following:

  1. Vendor Registration Condition
  2. Global Compact
  3. UN Supplier Code of Conduct

Registration of a Supplier on the Supplier Roster is not a commitment that a particular supplier will get business, or even be selected to receive tender.  Registration merely ensures that Suppliers who are placed on the Supplier Roster have been pre-qualified for the provision of the goods or services for which they are registered.

After review and acceptance of the above-stated documents please proceed to complete the Vendor Registration Form May 2012 and return it by facsimile to fax No. +357-22 61 4493.

If you require further technical or substantive help in completing the registration requirements, please forward your inquiry to UNFICYP at this E-mail address:

Each application will be evaluated by UNFICYP on the basis of experience, ability to perform, relevance of the goods or services and financial soundness of the supplier.  Applicants may provide catalogues or short-form specifications concerning their products to the following address:

Attn: Procurement Section
Vendor Registration
1590 Old Nicosia Airport
Nicosia, Cyprus

Submitting a completed application does not mean that you will be automatically included in the Database.  Registration will depend on the result of the evaluation.  Procurement Section will attempt to include all registered vendors in supplier solicitations for each commodity category.  Please note that suppliers which do not respond to solicitations on five consecutive occasions will be removed from the roster.

For companies in the USA, we wish to advise that the United Nations, under the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, is eligible to receive full benefits under GSA Contracts where applicable.

After final approval for registration with UNFICYP, your company is requested to visit the United Nations Procurement Division (UNPD) web site at for registration with the United Nations Global Market (UNGM).

Additionally, please inform UNFICYP's Procurement Section immediately in writing about any substantial change in the information provided to UNFICYP including change of name due to merger or acquisition, change of address, litigation in which the Vendor is a party, criminal convictions, civil judgements and financial impropriety.  Please include all relevant documentation with regard to the changes.  Vendors who fail to inform UNFICYP about substantial changes may risk the suspension or removal from the Vendor Database.