Procurement Section

Companies are encouraged to contact the Section via facsimile number: +357-22614493 or alternatively directly with the following Procurement staff responsible for procurement action in respect of the following commodities or services:

Chief Procurement Officer

Commodities and Services:

Vehicles, Trucks, Transport Support, Security, POLs, EDP Hardware, Software, IT Services, Communication Equipment, Laundry and Dry Cleaning, Sale of Written-off UN Assets, Printing Services, CCTV and Fire Alarm Systems, Travel Management, Waste Management Services, Camp Services, Office Equipment & Supplies, Furniture, Uniforms & Accoutrement, Food Rations, Prefabricated Buildings, Generators, Engineering Support, Barbed, Binding & Concertina Wire, Gabions, Sandbags, Timber & Plywood, Water Treatment, Electrical Supplies.



If you have any complaints about the activities or staff of the Procurement Section, please do not hesitate to contact in confidence  any of the following:  

Chief Procurement Officer      Chief of Mission Support 
Tel: +357-22614489                 Tel: +357-22614410
Fax: +357-22614493                Fax: +357-22614600